M. Henneberg-Johansen

Let's make a creative text about this website and the owner. It's really all about the good design and giving people what they want and need.

I often find myself walking around just to see how people and business present themselves. Snapping Creative is the place where I present myself and my work.

Logo design is my passion, hobby and work and I love it. I have been creative since 1986(birth). And I'm doing the whole process of designing myself. Researching, brainstorming, sketching, drafting, designing, testing and presenting.

I'm based in Horsens, Denmark, from where I'm making my logos. But I operate in the whole world. My inspiration comes from all around the globe, I do a lot of traveling and use it actively as inspiration for my design work.



A great place to find inspiration and promote your work. I often start projects by inspiring myself on Pinterest.

Startup business

When starting a business a key point is starting out by setting a good impression. With a sharp logo and identity you can do just that.

Lad mig hjælpe din nye forretning, forening eller virksomhed godt igang med et professionelt logo.


The second home for the best of my work. It's an awesome way to get my projects out on display.

M. Henneberg-Johansen

Is my designer name and the name I use to credit my work around on the internet.